You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

I know I promised a more consistent presence out here, and I assure you that consistency is not far away! You may be saying "But, Davy, where have you been? The last post was over 2 months ago and you titled it 'Where Have I Been?' and you made it sound like you would only be gone for 2 more weeks, and here we are now waiting anxiously!" 

Well, life got crazier than I was prepared for! Fortunately, "crazy" is a language I speak with some fluency. When the semester began (if you forgot, I work in a university environment and therefore my life's calendar is based on the semester structure) it was akin to diving into an olympic pool full of jello. While that sounds great and tasty, it is remarkably hard to swim quickly. I am loving the hectic pace at which I am working and it makes me feel very productive, but it leaves very little time for the space that I created as an outlet... this website... the podcast... 

The biggest chunk of my time since the last week of August has been devoted to rehearsal for the fun musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." This is my pit orchestra conducting debut and I am STOKED. We have been working very hard to produce an excellent show in just under two months. The process has been a new one, a tough one, a fun one, an edifying one. I am so proud of the students that have devoted themselves to the process, the colleagues that are making this possible (special shout-out to Dr. Katie and Dr. Huntington, the directors). If you have ever been involved in theatre, specifically musical theatre, you know that it can be at times arduous, but the result is extremely rewarding. We open the first weekend in October and the show runs two weekends. I can not wait! 

Once the show wraps, I will reclaim my evenings and therefore devote time to the podcast and blog. I am strongly hoping to begin weekly podcasting starting on October 20, 2017.

For now, thanks again for your patience. If you happen to be in or near Marion, Indiana I would love for you to come see the show. If not, you'll have to wait for a follow up blogpost on how it went, or maybe a podcast with the directors, or cast members? 

Anna Meredith!

Slow Down, Discover Something

Slow Down, Discover Something