Hello, my name is Davy Chinn.

I reside in the flattest state that yields some of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. . . Indiana! I work full time at Indiana Wesleyan University as the Community Arts Coordinator for the School of Arts and Humanities. When I am not "coordinating" or teaching, I fill my time with a slew of weird and awesome hobbies. 

My all time favorite thing is people. I love to sit and talk with people about their stories. What drives you? What interests you? What annoys you? If you were a food item found in a grocery store, what would you be and why? These are the types of questions that I love to ask. This is the founding principal behind the podcast. I don't care if you are rich, famous, important, or well-known even in your field. What I care about is YOU, and YOU are worth talking about. 

Other than people, I am often seen obsessing over pens, practicing a magic trick, chatting with a friend in American Sign Language, or learning something. 


My logo and website were designed by the great Micah Hamsher. He is currently a graphic design student at Indiana Wesleyan University and is already producing some really great work. On top of being excellent, he is super great to work with. Click the button below to see his website!